Dear colleagues,

the regeneration of healthy hard and soft tissue is the fundament for a predictable success of implant procedures, both are inseparably linked. Today, bone augmentation is technically required in more than half of all implant-borne solutions. For this purpose, a multitude of new techniques and materials for hard and soft tissue regeneration have been introduced, allowing the advanced dentist to solve even the most complex cases in his own clinic.

Many years of clinical experience and in particular our daily practice in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Charité, one of the biggest and most established clinics world-wide in the field but also private clinics, have taught us the success factors for a predictable and satisfactory outcome in oral surgery and implantology. Among them a profound knowledge of the principles of tissue regeneration and the knowledge about current treatment concepts and the right indications for regenerative materials are essential for the successful outcome of a treatment, both in implantology and periodontology.

Due to the importance of regeneration as critical treatment and success factor, we have developed a clinical and scientific curriculum that focuses on dental bone and tissue regeneration – to provide you with the necessary concepts, practice and experience; content and knowledge you are not taught in implantology master courses.


Prof. em. Dr. Dr. B. Hoffmeister  
Dr. Dr. A. Houshmand